Yes I have the hiccups, no I couldn’t wait to write another post cause if I procrastinated then I wouldn’t post for like another 2 days and then i’d complain how nobody reads… its probably smart to just get to the point on my random, inspirational speech about hiccups, I know I’m special.

So hiccups (I am already sick of writing that word) are probably the worst things that you could have, its like someone is constantly punching you in the back but every time you go to punch that person your hand falls through thin air and well your face soon follows.

But maybe I  am coming into this at the wrong way, maybe just maybe hiccups will be the revolution of the world and humans will progress further when that happens(queue sound halt). (I still don’t know if the bracket or the full stop comes first, help me.). 

No hiccups will never be anything good except an excuse for feeling like you have to gag well if you think of something that doesn’t require me thinking let me know. So I’ve been writing this for at least a month now and now im gonna open an ask me anything if its not super doper I cannot answer this I will answer almost anything.