So I realised yesterday… that I haven’t posted in like a couple days and I really should post, but for once I have a reason besides being completely lazy… I got myself injured. :(:( Meaning I have been unable to use the fore and ring finger of my left, and writing hand, this is the hand I write and type with the most so having it injured made me lazier than I already am.

Okay so I Am disappointed in my blogs, they are just weird now, but there is an upside for anyway who likes possessed stories, I am currently writing one on my phone and no promises but if im bothered enough I will post some parts of it on the blog and get your opinion.

Alright so hmm.. I have like 3 hrs until I go to sleep 5 minutes until my finger is bandaged so I apologise for this short entry or whatchamacallit but I will posts beeter next time