Alright so watching a video on YouTube lead me to the wonderful world of Korean pop, Now I had known and heard it before but never in my life had I see the hilarious filmclips that come along with the song. Aside from Japanese commercials nothing from another country has ever managed to make me laugh like I did.

I guess this cultural performance is also a way to let us know that being different isn’t necessarily a bad thing. These people go all out on hair and makeup, buy expensive props just to make someone’s day that little bit better.  

Anyway like every other entry I have never stayed on topic… like ever, that’s quite embarrassing I should probably figure out why I get so… look a bunny. (exactly my point)

So while I attempt to recite a song in which the language I don’t understand I bid you goodbye and again apologise for such a small entry but hey its not like you guys can kill me… well I hope not.