Wow more than an entire week since my last post, I feel guilty now:( Like the title mentions and well the only reason the title is that its because I want anyone one who  is angry (or happy) about me not posting, to forget about the bad decisions that I made when it came to not posting in an entire week.

At the moment I am starting to regret that I decided to make an entry for every single letter of the alphabet, why? Cause I’m a loser (haha the letter L). But anyway lets just forget… Anyway I am pleased to let you know (trying to make use if the letter L here) that I have my school holidays are coming up soon, besides the laziness (and theres L again) I will have much more time to check wordpress, meaning that I wont leave you guys. *cries happy tears*


so until my blogs become longer I bid you a farewell


PS L from death note Is mine