Cause the more random this is the better!

Even when times are tough

You may think that those people who always cover their face with a smile are those who have the happiest and the easiest life, that isn’t true. I noticed that I always smile or joke around, and you have probably noticed in these blogs that I am a complete doofus. Even at school I am like that and people accept me as crazy live your life to the fullest girl.

Only a few selection of friends know the truth about me and how my life really is, feeling as if somebody if hiding there every move from you so that you love them more. I have come to realise how much people especially adults treasure their secrets, but they all come with a price, someone will find out eventually. That is exactly what I did I found out there were secrets and am pretty much able to tell when people are lying at me because of the time I spent trying to figure them out.

The sad part is that although I haven’t told them I know they realise that I know something and try to hide it more. I understand that most of my entries are confusing all the way through but this was something that I had to get off my chest sooner or later.

Everything I write has a message whether it is hidden or plain there in black and white, this is one of those times ill tell you what the message is. No matter how tough life is or how much of a burden it can be unless you smile nothing will get better.  Leave the past behind you and look to the future because you cant erase what’s happened but you can keep yourself from making a mistake.


I know this post was dreadful but I have a right to be sad once and a while other wise itd be a bit weird. (you can laugh if you want there). I promise that next blog, the letter F will be much happier and wont consist of swearing if you know what I mean.





One of the things I think I hate the most in life is the drama that we have to put up with, if all like blah blah this and who ha that. NOBODY CARES. there is like nothing drama is good for except in movies cause the sad parts make us cry. Sometime however people take what they say a bit too far, its like they think we care but we really don’t.

There are two types of people that cause drama that I hate, the attention seekers and the ones who egg everything on. Guys your better of telling all your problems to a potato, but then after being forced to listen to two words that come out if peoples mouths it’d grow legs and go feed itself to the nearest person. (I like potatoes -don’t judge me- JJH)

Anyway I suck when it comes to the alphabet so even though D is like the 4th… letter in the alphabet I think I had to sing the song 500000 times just so I could figure out what my topic for today would be, special I know.

Jeez I don’t know what to type and should really stop leaving these posts till late at night, I don’t edit as it is this is probably horrible.


Cya Mwah


Yes you read the title correctly and in case you are wondering, but you shouldn’t be cause if you read the previous entries you would know that I am a weirdo. So I have this crazy craving for anything with a lot of sugar in it, which is probably why half the time I am so energetic that I catch myself air-guitaring when there isn’t even music playing.

Now I know its unhealthy and makes peoples teeth rot but who cares, when your an idiot like me you shouldn’t. So what to write about, maybe my last time with toooooo much sugar… (I could of eaten more).

So I was at a family party nothing much just a few kids and a lot of adults and tables full of chocolates, lollies, too much. And well I ate it cause idiots don’t think. This probably got me from a energy level of -infinity to a level of double infinity. Now I mean I was running around like a complete idiot, next thing you know I’ve stacked it.

Sitting on the floor like a retard I tried to think of what the hell happened, it is not a smart Idea to spin around with your eyes closed, you might run into something, or just trip over your own feet. either way, sitting on the floor in front of family is alright but after they just witnessed you attempt to walk on air and fail its pretty embarrassing.


So I’ve only had this blog for a while its not too popular yet but thaks everyone for 200 view :D:P


you made me so happy xx Alyssa

Bad and Good

Alright so forgetful me sorta forgot that I was supposed to add a new post yesterday but anyway I’m here now. Alright so my letter for today is B and I had nothing to say cause I don’t know actually. Bad things and Good things happen all the time and well you need to learn to put up with the bad.

I used to really easily stress and just worry about things that didn’t matter, that was the biggest downfall of a couple years back. Over time I gradually learnt that being the happy person I am now is what I should of been ages ago. The thing I am trying to say here is that no matter how bad you think something is, just think everything happens for a reason.

I know we hear quotes like this all the time, everyday, every hour, just al the time. (now I lost my train of thought, wonder why they call it a train of thought. This is what happens when I forget what i am talking about). okay so back on track now, everyone always says life gets better, in this case yes it can be true, but it could also get worse. My experiences with being such a negative stress head has lead me to know that you can’t just sit around and wait for a prince to come and sweep you off your feet. To make your life better you don’t wait, the environment doesn’t have to change but you have to change. I learnt pretty easily that stupidly thinking everything happens for you isn’t true. So be happy and enjoy what you have.

I know what I wrote today was like depressing but I my tiredness level is like 100 out of 10 and my brain hasn’t got enough operating space to think of something funny so sorry (tear drop). (does the . come before or after the bracket.).

Sincerely Confused XX


So if you read my previous blog entry you would know that I finally have an idea for what or how I’m going to write this. To sum up basically I will start with the letter a and go all the way to z through all of my entries, each time I write something the title and what it is going to be about will be the first word that pops into my head that starts with the letter. So that should make at least 26 blogs and keep me busy for a while.

For some reason the first word that popped into my head was not my name Alyssa, but it was the word apples. I don’t know whether its because I just finished watching death note and watching Ryuk eat apple after apple finally got to my head or if It was because I am an idiot. Fell free to let me know.

Alright so apples… hmmm, They can be red and green, my personal favourite is red and well if your someone like me that when it comes to fruit you take a long time to eat, then there is a problem cause by the time your half way the rest of the apple is brown and off… :(.

My last experience with a whole apple was not to long ago but there is a catch, I wasn’t eating it, and it wasn’t mine. Some kid at my school (he was older but I call everyone kid), decided to play soccer with an apple and well he kicked it I don’t know really hard levels and it smashed into the back of my leg and made a massive round purple bruise on my leg. Thanks random guy, you cause me pain, I hate you.

So this is my first post in attempt to actually remember how to say the alphabet and I hope I did alright, cause if I  didn’t know the first letter that would sorta be sad.


Bye for now ad remember apples are painful…


An Idea Occurs

Yes you read the title correctly, after much deliberation I have finally become aware of an idea as what to write in my blog. Well not really, but I think that this level of stupidness should be just as good. So thanks to you guys I managed to reach over 100 views on this blog. YAYAY!!


So what is this ever so great idea that probably isn’t as great as it seems but ill go with it anyway? I will now stop making you wait… but seriously it’s really stupid… okay.


So you know everyone that’s in their teens sings the alphabet over and over again. Right? This is when the idea occurred to me that in this blog I should start from the letter A and write a blog about whatever I can starting with the letter A. So say that the word is amazing I will talk about me cause I am.


The title of the blog will be what I talk about and then everything inside of it will be a waste of everyone’s time. So where exactly did this idea occur…. in the shower… while I was singing… extremely loud…


without any more ellipses I will post this blog and pray that you guys like my idea.




I guess you guys don’t really know me well, except for the fact that half the time I have no clue what is going on. You see I love my sports, at the moment I ice-skate (which I just got home from). I also play netball, if you don’t know what it is, it’s practically similar to basketball but there are some differences, too complicated to explain.


So at the moment I am supposed (a lot of emphasis on that) to be doing my homework which even though I have had it for a week, I left it till the last minute. instead of doing what I should do im singing with a hairbrush in my hand and sloooowly typing. I really need some ideas for this blog whoever reads this is going to think im weird…. not that you already would cause… meh

So I don’t know what to write about, arrgh this is so stressful ahaha I find that these blogs are getting shorter each time and I feel lazier each time. this must be the reason nothing ever comes out when its supposed to. So I apologise if I have lead anyone to boredom but I am only young give me ides people.