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Yes I have the hiccups, no I couldn’t wait to write another post cause if I procrastinated then I wouldn’t post for like another 2 days and then i’d complain how nobody reads… its probably smart to just get to the point on my random, inspirational speech about hiccups, I know I’m special.

So hiccups (I am already sick of writing that word) are probably the worst things that you could have, its like someone is constantly punching you in the back but every time you go to punch that person your hand falls through thin air and well your face soon follows.

But maybe I  am coming into this at the wrong way, maybe just maybe hiccups will be the revolution of the world and humans will progress further when that happens(queue sound halt). (I still don’t know if the bracket or the full stop comes first, help me.). 

No hiccups will never be anything good except an excuse for feeling like you have to gag well if you think of something that doesn’t require me thinking let me know. So I’ve been writing this for at least a month now and now im gonna open an ask me anything if its not super doper I cannot answer this I will answer almost anything.




Alright so if anybody is actually reading my posts I apologise heaps see I wrote a copy of the next entry like 3 days ago on my phone but it decided to chuck a spaz and when a check my laptop to see if there is any updates wham, you haven’t posted for four days. MESSAGE To READERS don’t trust phones.

So anyway being the hilarious person I am (sarcastically- no boasting there) I had a whole blog entry written out about the colour green and why it is creative and how much the YouTube video ‘Don’t hug me I’m scared” Scared me. (btw if you haven’t watched it you should, well if you enjoy torture to animal organs…)

Alright so I am still wondering is geez/jeez spelt with a J or G, sincerely confused puppy.

What the heck I aint wrapping up here I still have to talk about… actually nothing but my fingers are actually obliging to type today and not push the wrong key for every written word so I could go on about how awesome anybody who reads this is for not dying yet but I just jinxed my typing.

Honestly these days I still don’t know what to type or whether to keep typing, holidays for me were over a few weeks ago- 6 to be exact, and not sitting in front of my laptop screen all day most times to like 8pm is really annoying. Need for technology me hungy hear me roar. (I honestly don’t know)


Before this gets any weirder. haha ha.. BBBYYYEEE!!!

Chocolate Panda… not the most normal thing ANYONE will ever think of so how did I come up with this name, when I started. Well pandas come on they have the perfect life. Eat and sleep, who doesn’t want to just be lazy every second of the day. Of course we can’t because there’s this thing called moving that a lot of us tend to need to do. At first I thought lets name this blog something normal, then I thought what the hell is normal about me, may I also mention that I’d eaten like a tonne of chocolate before I started writing and well yer you can probably all guess the rest.

Having a blog on a website that runs on American time isn’t easy I get all my views at times like 2am when I’m sleeping, cause if I stay up ill regret it. which I always do. So anyway before I go onto stories for a later (much later) time I must first tell you my issue. I don’t get to see how many people are looking at this randomness of mine, having a record breaking 12 views and 8 visits last night and all I could do was sleep, I woke in the morning and was like ermahgerd, I have viewers (insert evil laugh).

Alright so I appreciate anybody who reads this, we get the gist, blah blah blah booooring. As you can tell being a Friday my mood ha skyrocketed to weirdest, maybe even further.Just want to let you know that if I could I’d give you people a big hug, but then again that would be creepy.


im running out of ways to say goodbye. Arrrrrgh (its supposed to be a scream, but looks like a pirate grating)