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Many people including me are terrified of something whether it is spiders or seeing a random face poking out at your window at night. Sadly I’m guilty of both of these fears and makes sure that even when the blinds are closed they aren’t facing me. But what is fear is it something that we feel or something that we think. Honestly I don’t think anybody will ever know the truth.

We say that we feel scared of the heights but are we truly just working ourselves up because we are cautious and terrified of what will¬† happen if we fall. None of this makes sense and honestly it confuses everyone more when you think about it. It’s crazy these days what we think about, how we are too scared that the clown is going to rape us.

Our fears are just a product of the mind that well is full of stupidity and shapes our personality. But if spiders one day take over our would I will be like “I TOLD YOU SO MWHAHAH.” then I will continue to scream my head off and run around like an idiot

Everyone even the cocky know it all’s are scared of something and this just proves that fear does exist and we need to admit it. So what are you afraid of? I know there is something don’t be scared (ironic huh) ¬†

Spiders are terrifying… Bye